Monday, June 30, 2008

A Hope for the Future

The very intelligent and thoughtful editor and publisher Jonathan Karp (Twelve) voices his desire that in the future publishers press for good quality work from their publishers in an article in the Washington Post on Sunday, June 29th. He is not the first publisher to voice such a hope (see Andre Schiffrin in both the establishment of The New Press and his biting memoir The Business of Books) but he may be the most successful early in his career in terms of intelligent books becoming best sellers (note that in his first season of publication one of his books was a National Book Award finalist, Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great).

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Beth Kephart said...

Thank you for this blog posting — a relief to read following the somewhat dispiriting NYT story of this past Sunday describing teen readers' need for brand-name enrichened novels.

Take care,

Beth (a long-ago NBA finalist)